Youth Discussion Cafe 

Afternoon and evening social events for young adults to discuss the big life issues while playing games or learning new crafts or skills. The cafe atmosphere is relaxed and there is opportunity for cross generational interaction and the transfer of cultural skills such as wood carving, sewing, music, arts and crafts traditional cookery, etc.

Taking Charge of Your Life 

Helping tee
nagers enjoy life.

A programme to help teenagers enjoy life more. They learn to live more confidently and to be

 more effective in dealing with awkward situations. They learn to deal with criticism, say ‘no’respectfully, state their needs and deal with requests and demands. 

They are helped to feel better about themselves and become more encouraging and positive, especially in their own families. Developed and produced in co-operation with Barnardos.

The programme offers eight weekly sessions to help young adults, aged 15 or 16+, to learn

respectful skills and thus reinforce change within whatever family system they live in . 

The emphasis is on growth in self-confidence, saying ‘no’ to peer pressure and finding fairer, less aggressive ways of dealing with problems. 

Who uses this programme?  

Among those who use this programme are the following organisations: 

Youth Clubs, church groups, local coffee shops who welcome teenagers, charities, etc.

Programme outcomes: The course builds self-esteem and confidence, and equips young adults with an awareness of alternative ways of behaving. Skills that are useful in dealing with unwelcome peer pressure are acquired.

Feedback: “I have often gone off in a huff, even kept up the silence with my parents for a few days, and I enjoyed the feeling of power I got from ‘punishing’ them like that – I didn’t care about the atmosphere I created. But it was no way to deal with conflict. It was childish. I needed this course to grow up.”