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You will be contacting our Manager Mary Mc Cartan. 

Mary has experience as a Registered General Nurse and 15 years as Teacher & Principal of a Montessori School. She has been a Parenting Facilitator, a lecturer and assessor for Montessori Teacher Training and NVQ Childcare programmes since 1998. Mary is also a published author with a keen interest in Intergenerational Healing for families and communities with a history of conflict & exclusion.

As a former employer of 40+ staff and ex-president of Omagh Chamber of Commerce Mary continues to be involved in local business networks and the mentorship of future entrepreneurs.

She is currently studying Transformational Leadership with the International Mastery Foundation.

 Ready to Get Started? That's great news! These courses is for ordinary parents including: 

those who are single or separated, as well as those who are couples.
Everyone is welcome. Please call on 0044 28 82244142.  
 Often the first step is the hardest but we do hope to hear from you soon.

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