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You will be contacting our Manager Mary Mc Cartan. 

Mary has experience as a Registered General Nurse and 15 years as Teacher & Principal of a Montessori School. She has been a Parenting Facilitator, a lecturer and assessor for Montessori Teacher Training and NVQ Childcare programmes since 1998. Mary is also a published author with a keen interest in Intergenerational Healing for families and communities with a history of conflict & exclusion.

She holds a NSPCC Certificate of Competency in Child Protection Training, a National Diploma In Humanities and Education,  a Mastery Diploma in International Transformational Leadership and Coaching, is a Rockpool Adult, Children and Young People Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Recovery Trainer, The Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITPTrauma Informed Practice Trainer and holds The Prince‚Äôs Trust Award in Education and Training Certificate.      

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