This is a 5 week Programme for parents and children to attend together if desired or for parents to come and learn to play alone. 

Enjoy your Creative Journey with your Child

Week 1      Importance of Movement for Intellectual development

Week 2.     Necessity for Music and Dance

Week 3.     Gardening and Care of the Environment

Week 4.     Arts and Creative Imagination 

Week 5.     Stimulating the senses with Awe and Wonder

More and more children are expected to keep clean while playing nowadays.

Most parents when asked to remember the best times of their own childhood will tell you about making mud pies, crawling through fields, water play, art or science experiments in the garage and farm, dollhouse or train set projects all over the house. Learning works best during creative discovery play so the child needs lots of materials to work with.

Of course there is THE MESS. Children need messy play clothes. An old adult shirt rolled up at the sleeves makes a cheap apron. Supervising & Showing a child how to use the materials and equipment properly also helps. Bring the play outside as much as possible. Of course there must be rules about where a mess can be made, but washing hands and encouraging a child to wipe tables and floors can usually sort Mess.

The Rewards

If the adult understands that these activities are teaching their child vital mathematic and scientific concepts as well as forming their ability for later reading and writing, I think the Mess might be easier to tolerate.

Also the child is concentrating on completing a cycle of work. The joy of working on a project will remain with him or her for life and the ability to self-initiate action will enable this child to always find something to do. This may be a great relief for parents in later years.

Our Human ability to create art, as an expression of our thoughts and feelings dates back to cavemen. It is a basic human need to communicate. Crafts are nearly as ancient and express our need to make useful things and to decorate our world with beauty. Children know instinctively the importance of Art and Crafts and that is why they are show excited to express their individual style and ability. Please reward them with your Attention and recognition.